The ASTRRA Advantage

  1. Lowest deployed cost (thanks to Configuration Flexibility, Ease of Installation, low power requirements, fast deployment time)
  2. Highest Reliability (thanks to lowest mechanical complexity, very low electrical complexity, robust design and execution, thoroughly tested software, self-diagnostic features )
  3. Fastest Learning Curve (intuitive interface, Effective Training Strategy)
  4. Best facilitation of Quick Change methodology (Discipline of Scope, Sequence and Setting value, built-in Levels of Authority as required)
  5. Most Future Friendly.  It is a full fledged automated change-over system that lends itself extremely well to conveyor railing adjustments as well as any other adjustment point, linear or rotary.  It is also easily expandable as the needs arise.
  6. Demonstrated high Acceptance/Ownership by both Operations and Maintenance teams (High Value System supported by Effective Training Strategy ensures that the system is embraced by end-users from the outset)
  7. Best support of the Safety Agenda.  Able to automate tasks that require working at elevated heights or in high risk areas.  Movements are limited to small increments at a time to prevent the risk of injury. No tools are required to perform the task.
  8. Best configuration/installation flexibility.  Changes in elevation or direction can be accomplished easily, no practical limitation to the number of adjustment points, adjustment setting are individual not global (adjustment points have unique address).
  9. Systems from obsolete installations can easily be re-deployed.
  10. The system (all hardware/firmware/Software) is Designed for Purpose ensuring best cost/performance ratio in the industry.
  11. Best Support of the Environmental Agenda (no Waste on startup, low power consumption, re-deployable)