ASTRRA’s oneTouch automatic changeover system can handle all your rail and machine changeover adjustments. Since 2008 ASTRRA has been revolutionizing packaging automation.

All you have to do is is touch the package image

 100 mm Actuator with Guide rail stiffener

    Low cost of installation
Touch screen recipe creation
Low Voltage – 24VDC
No programing
Plug and Play

Fast Changeovers
1 to 3 minute changeover for the entire line
All equipment can be automated
Increased line utilization
Reduced labor overhead
Improved OEE

      Box Conveyor Incline

Sequence oriented changeover

Full Traceability

Safe changeovers
Adjust overhead conveyors without risk
Incremental, sequential motion eliminates
 Injury and equipment distortion

Accurate changeovers
Super accuracy reduces return-to-normal
Positive position feedback
Absolute positioning

Stand alone or Interface with
PLCs (RS232/485, Ethernet IP, CAN Open)
Industrial PCs (USB, Ethernet IP)
Android tablets (USB, Ethernet IP)
Android HMIs (USB, Ethernet IP)
and more

Download OneTouch presentation

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