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2024 ASTRRA 3rd Generation Electronics

The entire line of electronics had been upgraded to utilize our 3rd generation technology. This 3rd generation has faster communications, back lit LED displays providing information and diagnostics. All 3G hardware is backwards compatible with existing systems.  


ASTRRA Segment Coordinator 3G (ASC-3G) with backlit display that provides EUI, Line No., Segment No., and Channel that the Segment Coordinator will be controlling, Firmware version diagnostic messages.

Existing communications and linear actuators have all been upgraded to us the latest 3G electronics modules. See our product offering – PRODUCTS

In 2018 ASTRRA introduced the 1st Automated Laner

And our 3rd Generation linear actuator

Above top current 2G actuator bottom New 3G actuator. This new actuator has 100lbs force in 1/2 the volume of the 2G and still plug and play. The 3G series comes in 50mm, 75mm and 100mm 200mm stroke.

ASTRRA’s oneTouch automatic changeover system can handle all your rail and machine changeover adjustments.

Since 2008 ASTRRA has been revolutionizing packaging automation.

Based on industry standard wireless communications protocols, ASTRRA is a distributed control system which eliminates cumbersome and expensive point-to-point control wiring to a central PLC. Instead, only one inexpensive 24VDC bus is required along the length of the conveyor.

Once installed and aligned, setting up the conveyor for a new package requires nothing more than entering the package width or diameter in the system and rails will move to the new position.

Members of:

ASTRRA licensed integrators have been thoroughly trained in the use of ASTRRA technology and all have significant experience in the design and implementation of ASTRRA in existing and new packaging applications. ASTRRA is a product of A. S. Thomas, Inc.
The ASTRRA oneTouch changeover process and products are patented and patent pending.

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